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Photo - TU Square DriveTU Square Drive


  • Faster stroke
  • Anti-back lash mechanism
  • Hands-off operation
  • Accurate repeatability
  • Fewer moving parts
  • Patented mono-body housing
  • Torque chart is laser engraved directly on the shroud to allow for quick reference. It also reverses from Ft/lbs to Nm-Bar.

Details (see diagram):

Exploded body diagram
  1. Patented Mono-Body Housing
  2. Balance Drive Rod - Side Load Free Piston Movement
  3. Never-Lock Drive Pawl - Ensures tool will never lock-up
  4. Anti-Back Lash Mechanism - Provides hands free operation
  5. Laser Engraved Torque Chart - No more searching for charts
  6. Multi-Tooth Ratchet - Allow for 27 degree torque stroke accuracy
  7. One Piece Drive Plate - Robust alloy provides for small nose radius
  8. Push-Through-Drive - Simply push to switch from Loosen to Tighten
  9. Single Seal Piston - Assure extended maintenance-free operation
  10. Direct Housing Reaction - Allow use of tool without reaction arm
  11. Steel Reaction Boot - Field replaceable feature protects reaction arm
  12. Long Length Reaction Arm - Allows for reaction on all applications
  13. Reaction Arm Release Button - Protected within reaction arm housing
  14. 360x360 Swivel - Allows hose to be cleared on all applications
  15. No-Drip Quick Connect Cables - Assures easy and safe operation
  16. Steel Alloy Piston - Robust composition allows for longer operation cycle

Photo - TX Low Profile DriveTX Low Profile Drive


  • The patented piston design assures that your application wil lhave the correct torque applied every time
  • Completely flat design for tight fit applications
  • Cylinder and link are manufactured from 4340 aircraft quality high strength steel alloy.

Details (see diagram):Exploded body diagram

  1. Patented "Peanut Shaped Cylinder" - Fit both the cylinder and link in confined areas
  2. Engagement Rod - Automatically engages link on the first stroke
  3. Never-Lock Drive Pawl - Ensures tool will never lock up
  4. Multi-Tooth Ratchet - Allows for 27 degree torque stroke accuracy
  5. Once Piece Drive Plate - Robust alloy provides for small nose radius
  6. Link Pin - One pin for link to cylinder engagement; no tools required
  7. In-Line Reaction Pad - Assures torsion-free reaction every time
  8. Steel Alignment Pin - Assures equal load displacement between side plates
  9. Pressure Relief Valve - Relieves high pressure if retract coupler is unhooked
  10. Completely Flat Design - Cylinder and link width are equal for tight fits
  11. 360x360 Swivel - Allows hose to be cleared on all applications
  12. "Peanut Shaped Piston" - Patented technology provides years of maintenance-free use
  13. Slider - Prevents wear of piston or drive plate; reduces costly repairs

Hydraulic Wrench Pumps

EP Series

Photo - EP 1000Features:

  • Cool running continuous duty action
  • Powerful Motor - Permanent Magnet Motor is available in .5 HP and 1.5 HP versions.
  • Quick Connect Couplers - Each pump and hose is fitted with quick connect, no-drip, threadless safety couplers, with 4:1 safety ratio.
  • Efficient Motor Design - Lower RPM requirements mean a longer life for your pump.
  • Lower Amp Requirement - 3,000 RPM Motor requires lower amperage and allows for extension cord use.
  • Protected Motor - Custom molded protective shroud with carrying handle allows for ease of mobility.
  • Quadra-Torc Function - Available in single and multi-port designs for running multiple tools simultaneously.


  • Reservoir size - 1 gallon
  • Valve control - solenoid
  • Valve type - 4 way/3 position
  • Motor spec - Permanent magnet, 1.5 hp single phase
  • Flow rate @ 115VAC
    • 600 psi - 700 in3/min
    • 10,000 psi - 50 in3/min
  • Weight - 56 lbs

Impact Sockets

We offer the following industrial impact sockets and accessories:

  • 3/4" to 2-1/2" drive sockets
  • 6 point, 12 point, deep well, thin wall
  • socket hex drivers and socket extensions
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Fabricated from high strength alloy steel, heat treated for the best combination of strength and impact resistance
  • Optimum wall thickness for strength to withstand the necessary torque and access to reach the most restricted of nuts
  • Depth of the hex openings are designed to accommodate the nut for full engagement
  • Free corner design for flats above 5/8" (17mm)
  • O-ring and drive pin included with every socket for safe square drive attachment
Photo - Assorted sockets

Please call our sales department for pricing and ordering information.

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