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Photo - KraftformThe smooth hard zones move through the hand like wheels when repositioning the hand on the handle. The easy-to grip soft zones provide optimal contact zones for the muscles of the hand and facilitate high torque transfer.

Kraftform® Stainless

Photo - Kraftform StainlessThe tool for jobs involving stainless steel elements or stainless steel screws. The blade is made from 100% stainless steel and protects against extraneous rust, which is transferred when using non-stainless steel tools on stainless steel. The stainless assortment includes also bits, bit-holders and hex-keys.


Photo - LasertipThe extremely rough surface “bites” into the screw head ensuring that the screwdriver is held securely in the screw. As a result of the reduced cam-out effect much less axial pressure is required. Available in the series Kraftform® stainless and Kraftform® Plus.

Kraftform® Micro

Photo - Kraftform MicroSignificantly reduced fastening times in the electronic and light engineering sector. Cost reduction per screw application. Precise, powerful, fast and ergonomic fastening based on a three-zone design with precision, power and fast-turning zones.

Rapidadaptor® Bit-holder

Photo - RapidadaptorBits insert easily and self-lock. Bits are easily removed without the use of extra tools. Free-spinning outer sleeve stabilizes the power tool screwdriver during the screwdriving process. Fits all 1&Mac218;4" bits according to DIN 3126 C 6,3 and E 6,3. One-hand use. Even small blades are changed easily.

New: Rapidaptor® with ring magnet. The additional ring magnet also holds long and heavy screws securely. A secure connection between screw and holder. No need to waste time on looking for lost screws. Ideal for overhead work.

Kraftform Kompakt®

Photo - Kraftform KompaktIncludes bits that are integrated in the handle. With removable bayonet blade that can be used as a power tool adaptor. Universal holder with Rapidaptor® technology.

Kraftform Kompakt® VDE

Photo - Kraftform Kompakt VDEA safety tool in a compact design. According to VDE norm (IEC 60 900 : 2004, DIN EN 60 900). Kraftform® handle and interchangeable blades in a handy pouch.

Wera Chisel Driver

Photo - Chisel DriverFor fastening, chiselling and loosening seized screws. With impact cap and “pound-thru” blade. Ergonomic Kraftform® handle.


Photo - TorxTools with holding function. Secure hold in the screw. No need to waste time on looking for lost screws. Perfect fit in the screw.

BiTorsion® System - Bits & Holder

Photo - BiTorsion systemA special tempering process reduces the hardness of the shaft of BiTorsion® bits compared to the drive end. The torsion zone cushions higher impacts. An integrated torsion spring in the BiTorsion® holder absorbs smaller impacts.

Bit-Check® Compact Tool Storage

Photo - Bit-Check Compact Tool StorageContents are easily visible. The box is thinner than the thickest item it contains. Required tools are spotted immediately.

Diamond-coated Bits

Illustration - Diamond-coated bitTiny diamond particles “bite” into the recess of the screw. The diamond coating reduces the cam-out forces which reduces the required contact pressure. Secure fit in the screw. No slipping out of the screw when using power tools.


Photo - L-KeysL-keys fixed securely in the clip. No wear. Easy removal. Great durability due to solid rubber material.


Diagram - Hex-PlusExtends the service life of hexagon socket screws. The unique Hex-Plus profile helps to transfer the driving stress more evenly to the screw recess, reducing the damaging notching effect.

Wera torque screwdriver

Photo - Torque ScrewdriverNo more incorrectly tightened screws. With adjustable and pre-set torque. Controlled tightening for each fastening process. Prevents destruction of screws. Excellent value for money. Ergonomic Kraftform® handle.

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